ESM’s History



ESM Inc. is a Whole Life Community Rehabilitation Agency. We are a stable and growing company that has been in business in Central Maine since 1992. ESM is a private for profit company owned by Jean Gallant. Jean started this company with a simple vision, and over the years, has recruited a dynamic team of administrators, and direct-line personnel who have assisted her in the growth and development of the company. ESM has gained much respect from community citizens and leaders of the community.

ESM serves a variety of individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness and/ or intellectual disabilities. We serve adults 18 years and older. ESM's clients live in the community either in their own apartments, houses, or ESM licensed facilities. Some live on their own, while others live with roommates, friends, or family. ESM gives all of our clients a chance to work in their own community. We consider ourselves their 'teachers of life skills'. We engage in skill building techniques with our clients regarding independent living skills, hygiene skills, medication compliance, community integration, behavioral management, crisis assistance, organizational skills, social skills training, community relations skills, work ethics, and much more. ESM may be assisting a client anywhere from one hour per day / one day a week, to 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. We are a team that is driven by the needs of our clients; it would be a rare event for ESM to turn away any individual in need of our assistance.