ESM’s Clinical Services

The Clinical Department at ESM is responsible for the quality of treatment for ESM's clients.  In addition to overseeing clinical services in the Residential, Case Management, and Community Support programs for clients with Intellectual Disability or Mental Illness, the Clinical Department provides direct Outpatient Services to eligible clients.  Outpatient Services include individual and group therapy and mental health evaluations.  ESM’s Clinical Department can assess whether or not clients are dually diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness.  Accurate and comprehensive evaluations are instrumental in accessing all available resources to serve the needs of clients.


Features & Benefits of Clinical Services:

· Individual therapy

· Group therapy

· Elderly, Adults, Children

· Person-Centered

· Solution-focused treatment

· Evidenced-Based Treatments

· Specialty – individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness

· Individualized Treatment Plans

· MaineCare Provider

· Licensed Mental Health Agency

 Outpatient Flyer