ESM’s Mission

It is the mission of ESM Inc., to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to become independent, self-sufficient citizens in their communities. ESM will operate under the highest professional, ethical and humanitarian standards. Customers will be accepted regardless of their ability or disability. Every client’s program will be individualized to meet his/her dreams, needs, wants and desires. 

ESM’s Philosophy

It is ESM’s philosophy that every citizen have the opportunity to reach their own personal goals regardless of the support they may need in order to succeed in the community. 

ESM provides a wide array of Behavioral and Mental Health Services in Maine. ESM is not geographically based, and accepts referrals throughout Central, Coastal and Western Maine.

 ESM’s Core Values

·Persistence – ESM never gives up, no matter what, nor do we turn anyone away.

·Achievement – We are committed to attaining excellence. This includes finding innovative solutions, providing constant improvement, and delivering world-class service.

·Ethical Behavior – Our people will always act with integrity and reliability. We will be honest, even if it is not popular to do so.

·Customer-focused – Our decisions will recognize that our customers are individuals and their situations are unique. We will keep one eye on their current realities and the other on what they are likely to face in the future.

·Sustainability – We recognize the importance of ESM to our people. Therefore, we must be responsible stewards of our assets and our decisions must be informed by a commitment to the continued viability of the organization.

·People-first – Without great people staffing our organization, ESM cannot realize any of our other core values. ESM will find the right people and provide them with the opportunity to reach their best potential.